seeking the addition of kyprolis to provincial drug plans

As the only national organization uniquely devoted to the Canadian myeloma community, Myeloma Canada works to educate and empower patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals from coast to coast. I appreciate the information sharing and advocacy work of Myeloma Canada. 

Recently Canada's myeloma community has undertaken a drive to engage our local elected provincial representatives in conversation about the need for our provincial drug plans to fund the new drugs Kyprolis and Darzalex. Over the past years these two myeloma drugs have received approvals by Health Canada and positive recommendations for funding. On January 31, 2018, it was announced that pricing negotiations for Kyprolis have also been positively concluded. 

At this stage, it’s finally up to the provinces and territories to list Kyprolis on their public drug plans so that Canadians can access it. If you live in Canada please write your local MLA/MPP/MNA with a request that they advocate with their Ministry of Health for the funding of Kyprolis on the provincial drug plan. If you visit the Myeloma Canada website and scroll down the page to the section that is in red you will find a tool that will take you to your local provincial representative's contact information. It will also provide you with a sample letter. Thank-you for your help!

* * * Good news update on 30/04/18:  British Columbia and Manitoba have added Kyprolis to their public drug plans. The drug is now covered for relapsed myeloma patients in these two provinces. For those in the rest of Canada the need to encourage provincial governments to fund this drug continues. Residents of BC and Manitoba can thank their provincial governments for providing this care to those living with myeloma * * *


  1. Hi Ed
    I heard back from my MP, however no word from my MLA Dave Eby, trying again.

    Thank you for your compassionate action to support Dr. Searcy, and for sharing your concerns about access to funding assistance for Kyprolis and Darzalex medications for Canadians diagnosed with multiple myeloma. As you mention, Health Canada has approved both Kyprolis and Darzalex for use in Canada, and the pCPA recently concluded price negotiations for Kyprolis.
    The government recognizes that we need to make Canada’s existing prescription drug system more efficient and responsive, and is taking steps to address affordability, accessibility and appropriate prescribing while we work to bring prices down and improve pharmaceutical management. That’s why Budget 2018 announced the creation of an Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare to consult, study, and recommend options on how to move forward on this important health services improvement together.
    However, under our current healthcare system, while the federal government is responsible for approving treatments and providing funding to the provinces – it is up to the provinces to provide access to approved treatments. For that reason, I encourage you to also share your concerns with the BC Minister of Health.
    Best regards,
    Joyce Murray, MP
    Vancouver Quadra

    1. Thanks Lorraine. Good news - BC has approved Kyprolis for funding.

  2. Great news perhaps I should have gone to your blog before getting a message (just now) to Health Minister Adrian Dix. May you continue to be blessed and surprised by God.