preaching epiphany

Sunday, January 5 is the twelfth day of Christmas. Monday, January 6 is Epiphany. At University Hill we will celebrate Epiphany one day early, as we gather for worship tomorrow. This year I will preach on Psalm 72 - the psalm that is always read on Epiphany. It is particularly relevant to preach on Psalm 72 in Canada for it is from this psalm that our country took its designation not as a republic or as a nation but as a "dominion." It is also Psalm 72 that gave Canada its motto: "Ad mare usque ad mare."  Well, that and more is for tomorrow's sermon. In the meantime, here is the sermon for Epiphany from 2012 - the people of the epiphany.


an epiphany concerning epiphany

I did not hear about Epiphany when I was growing up. Overshadowed by the secular new year Epiphany is a hidden holiday. Over the years it has dawned on me that this ancient festival holds great significance for the church I serve. Here's a sample of my growing epiphany concerning Epiphany - earth's manifest.