pomalidomide (cycles seven & eight)

I was in to see my hematologist today for a regular visit. The good news is that the addition of cyclophosphamide to my treatment (in addition to dexamethasone and pomalidomide) has resulted in a significant reduction in my free light chains over the past two months. In June the free light chains were at 225, in July at 111 and this month at 80. We have been aiming at getting the number below 100 so this is very good news. It means continuing with the three drugs for the foreseeable future. Since the main side effects of this treatment come from the weekly dose of dexamethasone my doctor suggested that I try taking a half dose. I am hoping that this, along with more exercise and watching my diet, can help me cope with weight gain related to the dex. It is not guaranteed that I will experience a lessening of the side effects but it is worth a try. In any case, it is good to know that living with side effects of the medications is worth it ... that the drugs are having the intended effect on the myeloma and amyloidosis.


  1. So glad to hear this, Ed!

  2. Hi Ed - Susan Henry here. So glad to hear that the meds are working for you. It's strange. I've been thinking a lot about meds these days, and how they are almost an "illness" unto themselves. They can create so many issues that they BECOME the primary issue (especially in a case like yours, where you never even had any of the symptoms of the original diseases). Prednisone has become my own minor "illness" that way. I know that cyclophosamide comes with a bunch of issues too (It's one of the drugs used to treat my disease, although I haven't used it yet). Anyway, I am happy to hear that you chug along!