continuing good news

There is continuing good news further to the good news health update from two months ago. Since then monthly blood tests have shown that the protein free light chains are remaining relatively stable. It means no need yet to begin a new set of targeted chemotherapy along with a return to the steroid dexamethasone. This summer without treatment has been a real gift. Now my final autumn before retirement is beginning chemo-free. I am aware that one day the news will not be so good. In the meantime, I am grateful.

By the way, September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. In gratitude I am making a donation to continuing blood cancer research. You can make a donation through Myeloma Canada, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or by specifying the blood cancer clinical trials program at Vancouver General Hospital. Since I will one day likely participate in the clinical trials at VGH I am sending my donation there.


  1. What good news. Some day the news for all of us will be "Otherwise" (a great poem by Jane Kenyon.) I have a friend who is journeying with this disease and your goddess news shines hope on him.

  2. (Ed, it's Susan Henry - I couldn't find a way to identify myself - my Google accounts don't have my name attached).

    This IS good news - you do look very healthy these days! On a slightly related note, I recently gave blood for the first time in 30-odd years. Other than feeling a bit woozy, I was OK. I'm an O negative, so I gather that's useful. I plan to keep doing it, now that I know I won't become so ill as I did in the past (hence the 30 year gap). Perhaps giving blood may be of benefit, in some way, to people with multiple myeloma? I hope so.