velcade breather, part two

I am well into my Velcade breather having completed a thirty-five day cycle without any treatment. My free light chain count has, as expected, increased. Yesterday brought confirmation that over the thirty-five days the number rose from 45 to 153. Since our goal is to keep the number below 100 this means I'll be re-commencing treatment. My doctor is currently applying for funding to continue treating the myeloma and amyloidosis with Velcade. My next appointment with him is on April 8. I expect that he will then confirm a new round of treatments. While it is not great news that my free light chain count has risen it is what we expected. The good news is that the Velcade is working and is necessary to manage the diseases. The next step is approval of the funding request and a return to weekly visits to St. Paul's Hospital.

In the meantime ...

Huge thanks to everyone from near and far who is participating in our multiple myeloma fundraiser. April 5th is shaping up to be a wonderful night! Thanks to online donations in advance of the event we're already closing in on Anneke's initial fund-raising goal of $5000. Check out our online donation page (this total doesn't include another $1000+ in donations we have received that are to be deposited along with the proceeds of the evening in April). Wow. It is very inspiring.  

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