multiple myeloma fundraiser

It has been five weeks since my last Velcade injection and it is five weeks until I sit down with my doctor to plan ahead. Next week I will have a blood test that will reveal if my free light chain count is on the increase or is remaining stable. I am enjoying these ten weeks without treatment. Some are concerned that I must be feeling anxious as I wait to see what is next. I find that I am not anxious but, instead, am grateful to be in an early stage of this disease, to have good medical care and to be surrounded by a network of loving care and support.

In the meantime, my spirits are buoyed by the Multiple Myeloma Fundraiser that our daughter Anneke - along with her siblings and friends - is organizing. On Friday, April 5 at the Elgin Hall there will be music from talented local musicians, a barbeque and a silent auction. The funds raised will go to supporting the Hematology Clinical Trials Unit at Vancouver General Hospital. At some point I will be the beneficiary of these trials in which promising new drugs in treating myeloma (among other blood related cancers) are offered to patients like me. If you would like to attend the fundraiser or make a contribution to the silent auction please contact me.

You can also help us reach Anneke's goal of $5000 by visiting the donation page for her Multiple Myeloma Fundraiser and making a donation online.

I am very grateful for the care, concern, support and encouragement of so many. Thank-you!

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