the work of the people

Recently I have discovered some wonderful online video resources. I first heard of them through Ryan who works with our Campus Ministry group and who sent me some links to the videos. Then, through what seemed a chance encounter (but now seems eerily and wonderfully providential), I met Steve Frost who is one of the two partners in the venture and who lives near the University (the other partner lives in Texas). Steve and I share connections with Walter Brueggemann as well as having similar theological convictions. We have only just met and begun a new friendship. It feels like one of God's gifts to me at this time. And a part of that gift is one of Steve's passions, namely The Work of the People. This is a wonderful online collection of video resources in which many of our most helpful theological voices speak to the church. You can find videos of Walter Brueggemann, Jean Vanier, Stanley Hauerwas, Miroslav Volf, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and, well, follow the link and you will see the wide variety of faithful witnesses whose testimony is shared. There is plenty of free streaming and the subscription fee to download everything for a congregation is only $175 a year (yes, we took out a subscription for our congregation). Besides, if you aren't sure about buying there is a free online magazine - Alter Video Magazine - that you can subscribe to and visit anytime to see all sorts of good clips. At a time when many churches are bringing video resources into worship I find that much of the content that comes with the big screen is pablum. The Work of the People is a wonderful corrective to such pablum. This is spiritual milk and manna in the wilderness for the church. But don't take my word for it, take a look at the kind of thing that is available to you and to the church here -

Miroslav Volf on the Cross and Resurrection 

Stanley Hauerwas on Living with Death

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