epic impact day - feb 8

Wednesday, February 8 is "Epic Impact Day" in the fund-raising for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. The goal on this day is to have every rider receive at least one donation towards funding cancer research. My good friend Janice Love has been training all winter in preparation for the bike ride from Vancouver to Seattle this coming June (a 200 km trip). As of today she has raised $825 towards her goal of $3,200 (26% of her target). Janice is riding on behalf of me and of Simon Higgison (the brother of the school principal of Janice and Jim's son Jameson's school). Because both Simon and I have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma the money donated in support of Janice will go towards researching blood cancers. In the past few years there have been a number of significant breakthroughs in multiple myeloma research which have resulted in new treatments that are proving to be very effective. A number of new drugs are currently in clinical trials and show promise. Money raised now for ongoing research is critical in continuing this recent progress. Every donation, small or large, means a lot to Janice, to Simon and to myself. If you have not done so already please consider contributing online by visiting Janice's Ride to Conquer Cancer page. As it happens Janice will be visiting in Vancouver this coming weekend. I am hoping that we'll have good news to share of donations that move her closer to her goal. If you miss donating on "Epic Impact Day" don't worry - any day is a good day to contribute to the cause. Thank-you!

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