transplant plus twenty-two

Today marks another landmark in my ongoing recovery from the stem cell transplant procedure three weeks ago. The Hickman Line that has been a part of me for the past six weeks was removed this afternoon. The line has been a very efficient way of taking blood samples and giving me fluids, antibiotic, chemotherapy and my own stem cells back. It has meant that I have not needed to have an iv line inserted in my arm every trip into the hospital. Removing it means that I am coming to an end of my regular trips to Vancouver. It means that my blood counts are rising on schedule and that I will now move to weekly blood tests near home with trips to see the hematologist every couple of weeks or so. The main side effect that I am experiencing now is fatigue. I am still surprised at how tired I am. Fortunately I am free to stay home and rest knowing that all is well at University Hill Congregation. Many thanks to my drivers this week - Pat, Jocelyn, Fred and Gary. There is much to give thanks for this Thanksgiving.


  1. As Good News people we love hearing good news about our pastor. I will pray for your energy level to rise as your stem cells take hold.

  2. ...and as a good news person I too delight in hearing this new development in the life of my cherished colleague! Blessings!


  3. So glad to hear your good news. I have been thinking of you often and praying for you down by the river here, and remembering you coming to see me and praying with me. Much love to you, and continued gratitude for you being who you are in the U Hill community and beyond.
    xoxo kaz