four days

News today from the bone marrow transplant centre that there has been a cancellation next week which means that my transplant will not have to wait until the following week. I am now scheduled to have chemotherapy on Tuesday, September 13 followed by the stem cell transplant on Wednesday, September 14. Both of those procedures will last all day. After that I will visit the centre every other day for a few weeks (unless I have a fever that will require me to be at the centre daily in order to receive intravenous antibiotics). I can expect to be at the lowest ebb in terms of white blood count on the weekend of September 18, with things beginning to improve once the stem cells graft back onto my bone marrow in the two weeks following. It is good news that we can get on with the transplant procedure in four days. I will enjoy the good weather and my good health this weekend and then buckle down to the task at hand next week.


  1. We received the good news your treatment is moved up to this week. We will be thinking and praying for you over the coming week(s).

    On Sunday we covenanted with Doug & Caroline, welcomed back students of VST & UBC and a few new people found their way to Uhill congregation.

    We are all in the good hands of God.

  2. Thanks for the update Ed. It certainly was a wonderful week to have your treatment postponed! Our lovely late summer.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers as you take this next step on the journey.

    Holding you in the light... Rob