You live at the hinge

a prayer for the week ...

You brood in the night in its fearfulness,
You dawn the day in its energy,
    You move at the edge of night
          into the margin of day.
You take the feeble night and give us strong day,
    You take our fatigue and bestow courage,
    You take our drowsy reluctance and fashion full-blooded zeal.
What shall we say?
    You, only you, you
    You at the hinge - and then the day.
You - and then us,
    from you in faithfulness,
    us for the day,
    us in the freedom and courage and energy,
    and then back to you - in trust and gratitude.

- by Walter Brueggemann, from "Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth", 2003, p.5.

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  1. Walter's prayers begin my days and I just read this prayer the other day. In Walter's prayers I find a person fully connected to God much like the ordinary folk we find in the Hebrew scriptures.